Brief History of Pasteurization

Although Pasteurization is new to the cannabis industry, the process of killing microbials in consumables has been around for hundreds of years. The ancient Egyptians found that pouring fresh beer into hot Clay pots and then burying them in the cool earth reduced the number of batches that Soured. In the 17th century, the Japanese experienced difficulties shipping Soy sauce without it spoiling. They discovered that if they boiled Soy sauce before bottling it then it would be fresh upon its arrival. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Louis Pasteur used a microscope to observe microorganisms in milk and wine. He was able conclude that some microbials are helpful and will aid in the fermentation process, however there are additional microorganisms that cause consumables to spoil and go rotten. At Bud Maxx we have continued to improve on pasteurization techniques, making sure we do not alter the composition or appearance of cannabis through our pasteurization process while still eliminating Microbial contamination.